Argentina Celebrates President’s Re-election

Buenos Aires, October 24. -Argentina woke up on Monday with renewed cheer for the majority of the population, who were celebrating the overwhelming electoral victory of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who ran a crushing election campaign.

Although Fernandez was considered a clear favorite by all polls, when the first official data last night revealed that she had won more than 53 percent of votes, a huge crowd gathered spontaneously at Plaza de Mayo in the capital start celebrating the president's victory until early Monday.

Participants of the mobilization, most of them surprisingly young, turned all their energy into waving flags and chanting slogans and songs about the historical moment they were experiencing.

Fernandez, who leads by a 36-percent advantage over her closest follower, Socialist member Hermes Binner, thanked the demonstrators.

A day of reflection is expected for all the political forces on the election outcomes, due to the overwhelming way in which the "Front for Victory" presidential campaign prevailed in almost all provinces, including Santa Fe, where Binner is governor.

The future composition of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, which will be renewed by a half and one third, respectively, is also expected on Monday with the possibility of a majority in Congress favoring the next government, when the re-elected president takes office on Dec. 10. (PL)