Libyan Rebels Capture Gaddafi´s Son; Offensive in Sirte Continues

Tripoli, Oct 13. -Soldiers and supporters of the National Transitional Council (NTC) celebrated on Thursday the capture of the fifth son of deposed leader Muammar Gaddafi in Sirte, while the offensive in the Mediterranean city continues despite denunciations of systematic physical abuse against those under arrest.

With fireworks, shots into the air and triumphalist statements, NTC leaders announced in Tripoli that Muatassim Gaddafi had been arrested in Sirte and then moved to Benghazi to be interrogated.

The alleged capture took place on Wednesday after a combat held in one of the neighborhoods of Gaddafi´s hometown, where heavy fighting continue between the rebels and those loyal to the now deposed leader, whose whereabouts are unknown since late August.

Rebel military leaders affirmed they control 80 percent of Sirte after suffering several casualties during combats against pro-Gaddafi forces, who continue resisting on Thursday in Number Two and the 'Dollar' neighborhoods.

Human rights groups denounced that the NTC holds nearly 2,500 people, including Sub-Saharan, are held prisoners on mercenary charges and most of them are physically abused. (Prensa Latina)