Cuban Journalists Visit China

Beijing, Dec 16. -A delegation from the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), made up of representatives of several media organizations, is visiting China to strengthen relations with their counterparts.The program included a meeting with executives of the Secretariat of All-China Journalists Association, at which the two parties, talked about the work developed by the media in their countries, professional training and bilateral work.

They also exchanged criteria on the construction of socialism in the two nations and visited local media organizations, including the national radio and places of historic interests.

The Cuban delegation, made up of Pastor Batista, Lizet Marquez, Arsenio Rodriguez, Hedelberto Lopez and Raul Menchaca, traveled on Friday to the south eastern province of Jiangxi, where they will meet with local authorities and colleagues. Shanghai will be the final stop during the visit, which began on Thursday in response to an invitation from the host organization. (Prensa Latina)