Ecuador: Assembly Members to be Investigated on 30-S Coup

Quito, Sep 19. -Investigations on the alleged conspiracy to destabilize the government of Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, on September 30th, 2010 (30-S case) could reach assembly members of the opposition, who requested an amnesty for those involved in the coup attempt.Minister of Policy, Doris Soliz, made public this announcement during an interview at El Ciudadano TV program.

Soliz referred to assembly member, Clever Jimenez, who is promoting a lawsuit at the International Court of Justice against President Correa accusing him of committing a crime against humanity in September 30th.

In that day but in 2010, lawmaker Jimenez issued a communiqué demanding Correa´s resignation claiming that the country was in a state of profound shock, an excuse previously used to replace other presidents.

Minister Soliz noted that there is evidence proving that some lawmakers were part of the conspiracy, so the Assembly itself and the judicial system should set in motion an investigation on the event. (Prensa Latina)