More Summer Camping Offers in Cuba

More Summer Camping Offers in CubaHavana, Jun 22. -More that 330,000 people will enjoy camping this summer in Cuba from July 2 to September 15, it was announced in this capital on Tuesday.

The figure represents a 33 percent increase compared to the number of campers of the previous season, Dianed Fernandez, the chief of the Marketing Department of the Campismo Popular (People�s Camping) Business Group told journalists.

Fernandez added that more that 55,000 campers will also be received in the one-day mode in the said period and enjoy various entertainment activities and visits to historical and cultural sites.

As a new option for this year, chiefly for young people, the Havanaâ�Ös northeast coastal region will give accommodations for one night in camping tents, in a recreational program linked to hiking and climbing.

According to the National People's Camping Direction Plan, about 200,000 campers are expected to be transported by bus, representing 60 percent of the capacities established for this summer. (Prensa Latina)