Obama to Sell Weapons to Taiwan

Washington, Sep 17. -The U.S. president, Barack Obama, will sell a lot of arms to Taiwan, including equipment to modernize fighter aircraft F-16, revealed on Friday The Washington Times.The White House on Friday will inform the lawmakers about the transaction, which costs is about 4.2 billion USD, according to government sources and Congress quoted by the newspaper.

Obama decided modernization and new weapons for fighter aircraft F-16 A / B, but rejected to provide Taiwan with F-16/C/D 66, a more advanced model.

The paper insists that the measure "puts an end to nearly two years of debate within the Government and Congress about the sale of advanced fighter aircraft" to Taiwan, located opposite the coast the Chinese province of Fujian.

The Republic of China upholds the principle that there is only one country and that Taiwan is an inalienable part of it and in keeping with this last week the Chinese government expressed strong protest against the sale of U.S. arms to that island. (Prensa Latina)