Authorities Help Solve Situation at Cuban Evangelical Church

Havana, Sep 12. -Cuban authorities are helping to solve a situation at an evangelical church in the capital where more than 60 people, including 19 minors and four pregnant women, were participating in a closed-door retreat.According to an official statement broadcast on the nightly news program, the group has been inside the church by its own free will since Aug. 21, convened by Braulio Herrera, who was dismissed as a pastor by his denomination's authorities in May 2010 due to internal reasons.

Given the situation, relatives of retreat participants went to Cuban authorities to express concern, especially about children they said were not attending school, and the four pregnant women, who were not receiving proper medical attention.

Talks were held with relatives, religious leaders, and members of the congregation; the church has been protected, and medical services were offered, the official statement said.

After several contacts with those in charge of the retreat, a medical team examined the pregnant women, who decided to remain in the church, the statement said.

Police will maintain their protection of citizen security to prevent any incidents, and apologized to the population for any inconvenience.

The statement said authorities were willing to continue any necessary actions for a positive outcome to the incident, which had nothing to do with authorities. (Prensa Latina)