Cuba: US Blockade Violates Human Rights

Cuba: US Blockade Violates Human RightsHavana, Dec 10. -The U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade on Cuba continues blatantly violating the Cuban people's human rights.

In celebrating Human Rights Day today, December 10, the Cuban people also recall the social and economic damage wreaked by that U.S. policy, especially in sensitive sectors such as health.

With 187 votes for, two against and three abstentions, the UN General Assembly reaffirmed in October its opposition to this siege against Cuba, which has lasted 50 years and cost about 751.363 billion USD.

During the recent discussion in the UN General Assembly on the need to put an end to that policy, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla said the blockade is a hostile and unilateral action that must cease.

In 2010, that siege was intensified, and its daily impact is still visible in all aspects of life in this country, with particularly serious consequences in spheres such as health and food, Rodriguez Parrilla stated.

The island's most recent report to the UN General Assembly on the need to end the blockade referred to the negative impact of that policy on education.

Many are the aspects in which the blockade impedes people from developing their potential, but especially striking are those where the elemental right to life is refused, even for children, solely because they were born in Cuba.

The Cuban people reaffirm today that the Revolution has enabled them to enjoy their human, civil, cultural, economic and political rights, despite the persistence of that U.S. policy. (Prensa Latina)