Self-employment goes flat out

Reynaldo Díaz Suárez, Employment Assistant Manager at the Social Security and Job Body in Southern Camagüey, governing organism of many of the procedures of the self-employees, states that only 56 out of the 78 activities passed by the Resolution 32 of 2010 are being exercised, not mentioning the carriage drivers, or the land lords.  

Permissions, subscriptions, and affiliations to the special regime of the social security are carried out in this city, since self-employees have the right to a pension and are protected before total disability, maternity and if the self worker dies his family receives his/her pension.

In the non state sector, those over 17 can exercise more than one work and if they had the need to hire working force, such passing has to be required by the owner of the licensees to the corresponding Work Body.

In the central report released in the VI Congress of the Cuban Communist Party by the General of Army Raúl Castro Ruz stated that this process will keep going, with no hurry, but with no pause and its rhythm will be marked by the ability we have to keep on creating the conditions required for its total deployment

One of these conditions is to favour the increase of the non-state field of the economy, in sailor’s jargon, we are going flat out. (Redacción Digital Radio Santa Cruz)