Changes in Mexican Cabinet

Mexico, Sep 10. -Mexican President Felipe Calderon informed on several changes in his governmental cabinet this weekend.President Calderon revealed Friday he accepted the resignation of Finance Minister Eduardo Cordero, who will aspire to the candidacy for the National Action Party (PAN) in the presidential elections next year.

In his place, Jose Antonio Meade was appointed as Finance Minister.

Meade was at the head of the Ministry of Energy. The new Energy Minister now will be Jordy Herrera, former director of gas and petrochemistry for Mexican oil state company Petroleos Mexicanos.

Calderon also accepted the resignation of Jose Angel Cordova as Public Health Minister. Cordova is interested in being the PAN candidate for the post of Governor of the Mexican state of Guanajuato.

The new Public Health Ministry will be Salomon Chertorivsky, former head of the Popular Insurance Program in Mexico. Another change was the promotion of Alejandro Poire, current spokesman for the Presidency of Mexico. Poire will be the head of the National Investigation and Security Center, a post occupied by Guillermo Valdes before this choice.

Alejandra Sota was appointed as the new spokeswoman for the Presidency of Mexico.

President Calderon highlighted the work of all the officials now leaving their respective posts in the Mexican Cabinet. (Prensa Latina)