Protests in the US against Banning of Trips to Cuba

Protests in the US against Banning of Trips to CubaHavana, Cuba, Aug 17.- Thousands of letters, e-mails and faxes are arriving to the White House, coming from organizations and Cubans living in the United States, requesting the cancellation of a proposal against trips to Cuba.
The amendment presented by anti-Cuban congressman Mario Diaz-Balart to the Bill of Allocations of the House of Representatives, is condemned in letters, e-mails and telephone calls, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

In spite of the fact that President Barack Obama and several influential members of the Congress have expressed their disagreement with the amendment, the matter has not yet been solved.

This proposal by Diaz-Balart reintroduces what was decreed by the government of George W. Bush, which established that Cubans living in the United States could visit their relatives on the Caribbean island only to once every three years and limited remittances.

On the other hand, although in January, 2011, some regulations were eased by a way of a resolution adopted by Obama, there are still prohibitions of granting licenses for tourist activities, according to a law passed since the year 2000.

Representatives of the Cuban-American extreme right, like Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, David Rivera and Diaz-Balart himself, are doing everything they can to revoke the easing of restrictions for trips to Cuba. (ACN)