New Fishing Draft Bill to Boost Cuba’s Economic Development

Havana, July 12.- The proposed fisheries draft bill will boost economic development in Cuba and includes new regulations, said Thursday one of the MPs attending the sessions of Parliament.


Rafael Perez, a legislator for the central province of Ciego de Avila, told Prensa Latina that the initiative will order fishing resources in Cuba ‘based on the need to protect, preserve and properly manage those resources.

He considered that one of the innovative elements of the legislation, which must be approved in the plenary of the National Assembly this weekend, is the incorporation of new economic management figures such as the non-state sector.

In the opinion of the MP, it is extremely important to regulate with licenses the approved Fishing Zones, as well as coordination with research centers to manage knowledge based on a more complete development.

We are facing a improved law that incorporates interesting elements in line with international regulations, and the management and protection of fisheries resources, said the MP at the Convention Center, seat of the sessions of Parliament.

The Ministry of Food Industry (MINAL) presented last March the Fisheries bill that includes the implementation of scientific and technological principles and the protection of marine ecosystems, rivers and lakes. It also establishes the separation between sport and recreational fishing and gives the MINAL the order and management of resources in the areas established for fishing.

The Agrifood and Constitutional and Legal Affairs Commissions of the Cuban Parliament jointly consulted 462 MPs and 863 guests to form the bill, according to the approved opinion. (Prensa Latina)