UK: Violent Riots Spark Crisis

UK: Violent Riots Spark CrisisLondon, Aug 9 .- The United Kingdom is facing a serious crisis after three consecutive days of riots in various cities, unleashed after police shot a man to death. Prime Minister David Cameron, who cut short his vacation due to the conflict, affirmed that he would do everything possible to restore order in the capital and elsewhere, as street protests continued.

According to a BBC report, the police and firefighters were confronting the demonstrations, which spread in the last few hours from eastern Hackney and southern Lewisham, Peckham, Croydom and Claham Junction to northern Camden and Einfield and West Ealing.

The protests began last Saturday in the locality of Tottenham after Mark Duggan, 29, was shot dead by the police while he was trying to escape from being arrested.

Cameron announced that 16,000 police would take to the capitalâ�Ös streets to tackle the events, which he described as simply and purely of a delinquent nature.

The prime minister also confirmed that the Parliament would meet Thursday to discuss the crisis.

According to analysts, previous criminal actions by the Metropolitan Police have made the death of Duggan into a recurrent event.
(Prensa Latina)