Meeting of Intellectuals for Humankind Concludes in Cuba

Meeting of Intellectuals for Humankind Concludes in Cuba Havana, Jul 30. – The International Meeting In Defense of Humankind, in session at ALBA Cultural House is scheduled to conclude on Saturday with the approval of a final declaration. During three-day work sessions, artists and intellectuals from 17 countries of Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe discussed issues related to the role of the network of networks in revolutionary processes in the continent and the major platforms of struggle and articulation of social movements.

Cuban Yaniska Lugo extolled actions carried out by the world movement for climate justice in order to raise awareness about the need to change the system to live better and save planet Earth.

She highlighted challenges of the organization, which in a recent declaration rejected mechanisms for understanding adopted in World Climate Summits of Copenhagen and Cancun regarding cuts in greenhouse gases, considered insufficient.

Lugo said that for the next meeting in Durban, South Africa, that social platform will promote a new development strategy based on unity, confidence and concrete processes, including sustainable agriculture, as promoted by farmers.

Lourdes Cervantes, from the Organization of Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAL), highlighted the need to step up quality in steps taken, and cited the positive example of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America.

Regarding this emancipation project, she said that it is a new model of political unity and commercial, economic integration, and its defense implies an open challenge to the Empireâ�Ös power and counteroffensive.

The role played by organizations and movements within the World Social Forum was also an issue discussed in the meeting, which reviewed the dynamics and balance of power in the context of the regionâ�Ös new political scene.(Prensa Latina)