Michael Moore to Present Cuban Film Habanastation

Havana, Jul 18. -U.S. director Michael Moore invited Cuban filmmaker Ian Padron to present his first feature film, Habanastation, in Michigan in 10 days.Padron announced the invitation during the filmâ�Ös premier on Saturday, which played to an overflow crowd in the Charles Chaplin movie theater in the Cuban capital.

Habanastation tells the story of two children from different social backgrounds that contrast in an adventure that unites them, and was filmed in the working-class neighborhood of Marianao.

Starring Andy Fornaris and Ernesto Escalona and featuring a cast of children from the La Colmenita childrenâ�Ös theater group, the film is a joint production of La Colmenita, the Cuban Film Institute and the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television.

The film also received support from a group of residents of the U.S. city of Traverse, Minnesota, who organized a Cuban film fund.

On Sunday, the film will was shown in an open-air screening in the neighborhood where it was shot, as part of celebrations for Childrenâ�Ös Day in Cuba, and then it will be screened in 300 venues nationwide. (Prensa Latina)