Yemen President to Return to Country on Sunday

Beirut, Jul 16. -The anticipated return of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Sunday could stir tensions in a national political situation that is already volatile, as the opposition abstained from any reaction.Saleh underwent various operations in neighboring Saudi Arabia for serious injuries he received in a rocket attack on his presidential compound in Saana. Since then, it was rumored that he would not return to the country after because of prolonged anti-government protests.

The president will be welcomed with festivities, said Zaid Thari, a political adviser for the ruling General People's Congress Party, which was founded by Saleh after he took power 33 years ago.

The decision about what is best for Yemen corresponds to the president, added the source, who refuted reports that Saleh would be replaced as the leader of the country and the party.

The announcement also refuted reports of Saleh's resignation, which came after meeting earlier this week between White House Counter-Terrorism advisor John Brennan, and Yemeni Vice President Abd Rabu Mansur.

According to an official press release, the meeting was aimed at evaluating the transfer of power in Yemen. (Prensa Latina)