Cuba Proofs that Child Care Takes Political Will, Unicef

Havana, Jun 1. – The representative in Cuba of the United Nations Children´s Fund (UNICEF), Jose Juan Ortiz, said today that this Caribbean country showed that with political will can be addressed the problems of that sector of the population.

It has been a clear political will, Cuba is the proof that the situation of children is not an economic problem, Ortiz said in an interview with Buenos Dias (Good Morning) news program on the occasion of International Children's Day.

This is the only developing country that can celebrate with a party that date because there is no child left out, "here the best is to celebrate dancing," said the diplomat, who will be five years as head of office in Havana.

When I have discussions about the Cuban reality I say: Hey, you do not have to believe me, go to Cuba and see for yourself, the official responded to questions from the newspaper Juventud Rebelde on difficulties in his professional lives to defend the daily events of this country.

The protection of children is something we live here, assured Ortiz, nobody has to tell me about it, I've lived it and I am proud to have participated in the development of this social project.

"The political and economic harassment against Cuba is the main problem for children. The country is under siege and the blockade does a terrible damage," he said referring to the hostility of the U.S. government against the Caribbean nation.

How can I criticize a poor country that has guaranteed the rights of children?, asked the representative and explain his role is not to judge ideologies, but to support all world governments in strengthening the rights of childhood.

In another conversation with Granma daily, Ortiz highlighted UNICEF's work in the area of minimum sectors protection as children in conflict with the law and domestic and sexual violence.

In this regard, he said that working with children and adolescents who have committed offenses in Cuba is an example because instead of bars they met special rehabilitation programs.

Cuba has always been an example in the field of social development, with equity levels similar to those of the most developed countries, he added.(Prensa Latina)