Cuba: World Congress of Animal Production

Cuba: World Congress of Animal ProductionHavana, Aug 26. -Cuba will carry out in November the 3rd International Congress on Animal Production (Tropical 2010), to encourage the exchange of experience and successes in the area, said sources of the Organizing Committee.

The event will bring together researchers, geneticists, entrepreneurs, extension workers, teachers, physiologists and nutritionists, among others, who will assess animal production systems and their food base.

They will also analyze the results in the field of the technical, economic, ecological and social strategies for the improvement, conservation and use of natural resources.

Some 200 delegates are expected to participate from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain and other nations including Cuba, said Mary F. Diaz, of the Scientific Committee of the meeting.

The event, to be held at the Convention Palace, includes the Second Symposium of Ruminant Production and the Second Forum of Monogastric Production.

The Congress will also include the First International Congress of the Federation of Sheep and Latin American Goatherds (FOCAL) and the V Latin American Forum of Pastures and Forages. (Prensa Latina)