Cuba: Colloquium on Latinos in USA Ends

Havana, Jul 14. -Literature, theater and the visual arts as an expression of cultural identity are the focus of debates Thursday, in the final session of the 1st International Colloquium on the Latino Presence in the United States.Experts from Mexico, Cuba, Argentina and the United States will discuss the role of the Latino Artist Round Table and the Campana publishing house in disseminating Latino culture in New York, where the presence of Latin American immigrants is increasingly stronger.

Ofelia Lopez, a researcher from the University of Guanajuato, Mexico, will talk about identity and resistance in the work of Mexican writer Octavio Paz.

Lopez told Prensa Latina that Pazâ�Ö views and experiences as an immigrant in the United States is present in his work.

The work of the Nobel Prize-winning essayist and poet is extensive and includes different stages of his creative career.

"As is the case with all important contemporary writers, his texts are not taken from his origin, or his experience as an individual," Lopez said.

The closing program includes the presentation of a monograph on Latino studies in the United States, as well as a jazz concert by Ruy Lopez-Nussa and his group at Casa de las Americas. (Prensa Latina)