President Chavez Provides Details on His Health

President Chavez Provides Details on His HealthCaracas, Jul 13. -President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday provided details on his health and the next steps of his recuperation after undergoing two operations in Cuba last month.The extraction of a pelvic abscess and then a cancerous tumor was an initial, very positive step, with an optimal level of recuperation of his vital signs, oxygen-carrying capacity and blood flow, the Venezuelan president said.

Chavez said the scientific analyses continue, and in the coming hours his medical team will determine the treatment to be followed in a second and even a third stage, which will probably require traditional procedures such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

"It may be a little hard, but it is precisely to armor the body from new cells of this malignant type, are threatening when they nest," Chavez said.

Reflecting a bit on his illness, the president encouraged all his fellow patients, and expressed gratitude for the solidarity and support received from other leaders who have faced similar situations.

In parallel with his recovery, he will continue to carry out his duties as president and follow up on the different socioeconomic programs of development underway, Chavez said.

The Venezuelan president made his remarks during a telephone call to greet Spanish sociologist and political scientist Juan Carlos Monedero, who was being interviewed on Venezolana de Television.

Assessing the situation in Europe, Chavez said that "right now in the world, there is an awakening of the peoples against the interests of capitalism and a hope for a new and better world."

He also highlighted the role of young Europeans in demanding better social conditions in their countries, and advocated change based on real democracy, with mass participation.

"We will combat all cancers, which are also capitalism and imperialism," the president concluded.

Chavez returned to Venezuela on July 4, the day before the national Independence Bicentennial.

Hours before his arrival, thousands of Venezuelans took to the streets and the "Peopleâ�Ös Balcony" at the presidential palace to welcome him, reiterate their solidarity and express wishes for a speedy recovery. (PL)