Santa Cruz del Sur over-fulfilled the Homes-building Project

Santa Cruz del Sur over-fulfilled the Homes-building ProjectSanta Cruz del Sur, Oct 23. –Santa Cruz del Sur already fulfilled the house-building project for the year 2010, and it even built 53 houses more, which constitutes an extra plan belonging to Nuevitas Municipality, according to sources of the sector.

In an interview with Fidel Sosa Pérez, Director of that branch in the municipality, he said that the private sector over fulfilled its plans by building eventually 108 homes by their own means

Concerning the state part, the builders from the MINAZ enterprise, the Agriculture, and those from the EPIN are not fulfilling the plan, while the MICONS is still on time inside the fiscal year to deliver, late November, the seventh multi-family building constructed in this territory.

Along with that of the constructions, the plan concerning the recovery of the damages caused by the hurricanes that hit the territory in 2008 plan is being carried out. This plan is at a 71 per cent, being the partial-collapse activity, the most delayed at the end of September. (Rolando Canaura Sánchez / Radio Santa Cruz)