Culture workers make annual review in Southern Camaguey

Workers of the culture sector in Santa Cruz del Sur recently carried out the annual assembly of this field at the video room in this same city. This as a timely opportunity to review the objectives fulfilled in the finishing year.Matters like the culture program, the situation with the rehearsing room of the Local Concert Band, the activity of the bookstores and the community work were debated by the attendees.

Specialists agreed on the importance of the preparation and spread of the activities devised in the base, taking into account the potentialities of every district.

The role of the culture promoters, with the purpose of teaching the population many artistic expressions, actions where the members of the Jose Marti Brigade and the art instructors have a leading work, was the center of the discussions.

In that sense, Salvador Barges Rivero, Vice-president of the Local Assembly of the People’s Power, emphasized the need to double efforts and to improve the outcomes of men and women of this sector in order to meet the spiritual needs of all the population. (Rolando Canaura Sánchez/ Radio Santa Cruz)