Cuba Offers Its Experiences in Training Deaf-Blind

Cuba Offers Its Experiences in Training Deaf-BlindHavana, Jul 12. -Cuba laid out its experience in training the deaf-blind at the opening of a workshop attended by 100 experts from eight countries.Santiago Borges, president of the organizing committee of the First Workshop on Deaf-Blindness, stated that this experience is the result of the Cuban state's political will and the transformational investigative work done by teachers. Education services for the deaf-blind is one of the experiences Cuba has offered to educators worldwide, Borges said to delegates from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico, Angola, Spain, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Cuba's system of special education is the result of 50 years of work and the sustained political will of the government, as well as the interpretation and application of new international approaches, the expert stated.

Borges mentioned the support received from foreign organizations such as the Hilton Perkins group and the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance in Belgium.

Along with the Italian Civil Volunteer Group and Handicap International, this made it possible for Cuba to begin providing services to these disabled children and adolescents in the year 2000, said Borges, who is also director of the Latin American Reference Center for Special Education. (Prensa Latina)