Environmental Protection Promoted Among Jamaican Students

Environmental Protection Promoted Among Jamaican StudentsKingston, Jun 25. -The Spanish-Jamaican Foundation is trying to raise the Jamaican students'' awareness about the importance to protect the environment and ocean life.

Actions for this purpose are supported by Jamaican authorities and enterprises and include workshops, conferences and other activities, according to the Jamaican Information Service.

Instruction to students in the city of Montego Bay, in northwestern Jamaica, is among priorities of promoters of the project to save the animals, said General Director of the Spanish-Jamaican Foundation Betty McKenzie.

On June 20 and 21 more than 300 students from different primary schools participated in a debate, including the screening of several video tapes and power-point presentations on the social and economic benefits of keeping a clean environment.

The program has a backup of 2.5 million USD contributed by the Foundation, said Mckenzie. (Prensa Latina)