Cuban Ballet de Camaguey to Perform in Quito

Cuban Ballet de Camaguey to Perform in QuitoQuito, Jun 23. -Cuba's Ballet de Camaguey Company will make a unique performance at the Quito-based National Theatre of the Ecuadorian House of Culture, on July 1st, organizers announced.

As part of the program "Quito, American Capital of Culture 2011," the Cuban ballet company will perform for the Ecuadorian audience for free, due to an initiative of the Metropolitan District of Quito and the Benjamin Carrion House of Ecuadorian Culture.

This performance is also sponsored by the Ecuadorian Camera Ballet and Cotacachi municipality.

This classic style ballet company was founded in the eastern Cuban province of Camaguey in December 1, 1967, and it is scheduled to dance in Quito "The Swam Lake", "Muñecos", "Majísimo," and La Fille Mal Gardee. (Prensa Latina)