Donating blood is to save lives

Santa Cruz del Sur, Jun 14. –Donating blood is to save a life, that is how people from Southern Camagüey think, they make blood donations an every day activity, which shows the altruism of the inhabitants from this territory. Every June 14th, World Blood Donor Day, men and women who have extended their arms to help other people for years are awarded, even more in our society where donating blood is a totally voluntary action.

In the vanguard in this task, Santa Cruz del Sur bets to consolidate this achievement, with the joint action of the Local Health Direction, the CDRs, the FMC, and entities from this territory.

Fidel’s statement: “the meaning of a blood donation can not even be measured with millions"  is demonstrated by all the people from southern Camaguey giving their blood to help other people, with no interest, even though community always award them for that humane gesture.

Donating blood has turned into a priority to Cuba and Santa Cruz del Sur makes a lot of effort to save lives by donating this vital liquid. (Redacción Digital Radio Santa Cruz)