President-elect Humala Seeks Latin American Unity, Consultation

President-elect Humala Seeks Latin American Unity, ConsultationLima, Jun 6. -President-elect Ollanta Humala says his government will be characterized by Latin American unity abroad and consultation at home.

At a midnight rally celebrating his close victory over conservative candidate Keiko Fujimori, Humala, representing the Gana Peru (Peru Wins) coalition, promised to honor his promises to the people.

In terms of foreign policy, Humala said he would seek Latin American unity and maintain bonds of friendship with every nation in the region.

He confirmed his victory in the elections, according to preliminary and non-official results of the runoff, and also announced a government of national consultation, in which he will call upon the best intellectual and individual figures.

It will be a broad-based government in which nobody feels excluded and all the people feel represented, he added. (Prensa Latina)