Over 1,000 Foreigners Confirmed for Marabana Marathon in Cuba

Havana, Oct 2 .-A total of 1,139 foreigners from 47 countries have confirmed their participation in the next edition of Marabana to be held here on November 18, according to Carlos Gattorno, General Director of the project.


In addition, to date 3,700 national runners have confirmed their presence for the popular marathon, which will begin at 07:00 local time in front of the National Capitol.

A day earlier Maracuba will be held simultaneously in all municipalities, rural and mountain population centers throughout the country, with start time at 10:00 local time through the radio station Radio Reloj.

Both races will commemorate the National Day of Physical Culture and Sport on November 19 and the 500th anniversary of the Foundation of the Village of San Cristobal in Havana next year, and its proclamation by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Gattorno said that this month there will be two events commemorating the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the independence wars on the island.

The first will be organized on October 9 in the eastern province of Granma with a route of 15 kilometers, which will be cheered by hundreds of people of all ages.

As well, the traditional popular races will take place in the capital municipality of 10 de Octubre, where a distance of four kilometers and 195 meters will be run.(Prensa Latina)