Venezuelan National Assembly to Discuss Community Media Law

Venezuelan National Assembly to Discuss Community Media LawCaracas, Jun 2. -Venezuela's National Assembly will discuss next July a draft law on Community, Popular Communication and Alternative Media, to support the construction of the revolutionary process.

Deputy Dario Vivas said the National Assembly plenary in July will analyze the results of a review of the content of legislation, carried out by members of the Permanent Committee of People's Power and the Media of the Parliament.

According to Vivas, it is important that the rules are being discussed in the month of the 200 Anniversary of the Independence, because it is an act of liberation, which will strengthen the formation of the new nation.

Once approved in first reading, the bill will be discussed in a second stage of consultation and systematization, so that the law will be finally passed in the third quarter of this year.

The National Assembly also plans to establish a Law for the Protection of Economic Rights, Costs and Prices. (Prensa Latina)