Cuba in Geneva: Need for Peaceful Solutions

Cuba in Geneva: Need for Peaceful SolutionsGeneva, May 31. -Cuba reiterated in Geneva the need for peaceful solutions and respect for self-determination of the peoples, regarding the situation in certain North African and Middle East countries.

Addressing the 17th session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), Cuban ambassador Rodolfo Reyes stated that the problems in those countries should be resolved without foreign interferences or intervention.

"Cuba has condemned the abuse committed by the United States and NATO in Libya, relying on a false interpretation of the resolutions adopted by the Security Council and this body," Reyes said.

During the general discussion with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the diplomat stated that some of the serious violations in many northern countries are being questioned.

Also questioned, he said, was the center for arbitrary detention and torture in Guantanamo, NATO crimes against innocent civilians, and the growing repression of peaceful protesters fed up with their plutocratic regimes.

Within the Security Council itself, there is an increasing tendency to re-impose confrontation and double standards, the Cuban diplomat said. (Prensa Latina)