Cholera Outbreak in La Cienaga, Santo Domingo

Cholera Outbreak in La Cienaga, Santo DomingoSanto Domingo, May 16. -Au fresh outbreak of cholera has been officially admitted in La Cienaga, a populous neighborhood in Santo Domingo, said Listin Diario Sunday editorial, claiming an official source and urging for an emergency plan to prevent further spread.

Other parts of the Dominican Republic have confirmed deaths by cholera from the epidemic outbreak in Haiti. This outbreak of Vibrio Cholerae has been blamed for at least eight deaths along numerous of victims of all ages.

We took provision immediately but the people neither listen to the warnings nor respect prevention measures like the ban on bathing in the river at La Cienaga, despite express prohibition, which seems to be the main factor in the fresh cases.

The paper urges for a contingency plan to stop and prevent propagation, in some cases with a lethal end, to other populous neighborhoods with poor sanitation.

The bacteria lives naturally in the environment but the contagion occurs in consuming water and/or food contaminated with fecal mater from a diseased person. Therefore, suffering sudden profuse (watery) diarrheas and vomiting urges to seek immediate professional health care for both produce lethal dehydration. (Prensa Latina)