NATO Bombs Tripoli and Brega, Kills 16

NATO Bombs Tripoli and Brega, Kills 16Tripoli, May 14. -NATO planes once more bombed the Libyan capital and the oil city of Brega, killing at least 16 people, government sources informed, and denied stories concerning Muammar Gaddafi''s health.

The main NATO target was a building located in the Bab Al-Aziziyah compound where Gaddafi usually resides, the local state television reported, but denied stories that Gaddafi was hurt.

Government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said the Libyan leader is safe and is still in Tripoli, thus refuting statements by Italian diplomatic sources.

Shortly after Ibrahim's denial, Al Jamahiriya channel reproduced a voice message in which Gaddafi said he is in a place where they cannot find or kill him.

NATO has intensified attacks on Tripoli in the latest weeks, with drones flying over the city at night and daybreak to hit civilian and military targets, though its spokespersons affirm that they target "alleged command posts and checkpoints." (Prensa Latina)