German Activists: Obama, Free the Cuban Five

German Activists: Obama, Free the Cuban FiveHavana, May 12. -Prestigious German lawyer Gunter Belchaus asked U.S. President Barack Obama to free the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in that country for the sake of justice.

Belchaus is a member of the International Committee to Free the Cuban Five, as Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez are universally known. He sent his request to Obama in a letter.

The retired adviser to the German Ministry of Justice stated that Obama has the presidential authority, according to U.S. Constitutionâ�Ös Article 2 Section 2, to issue a presidential pardon and free the Five, who with their actions have prevented terrorist actions.

"Once more I exhort you to use that power, for the good of justice and humanity, for the sake of human rights, and with the objective of justifying many peopleâ�Ös hope worldwide," Belchaus said.

Gerardo, Ramon, Antonio, Fernando and Rene are "five brave, innocent Cubans" who have been serving unjust sentences in the United Stats for almost 13 years.

Belchaus, also member of the German committee Basta Ya, also asked Obama to do justice in the case of self-confessed terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who freely walks the streets of Miami.

He recalls that Posada Carriles was one of the masterminds of the criminal mid-air explosion of a Cuban airplane off the cost of Barbados in 1976, killing 73 innocent people.

Belchausâ�Ö initiative is part of the international committeeâ�Ös actions for a cause that is silenced by the mainstream media, especially in the United States, despite the support it has received in many countries. (Prensa Latina)