Cuba and its Regional Integration Efforts at Argentinean Forum

Cuba and its Regional Integration Efforts at Argentinean ForumHavana, Cuba, Aug 17.- Argentina will host the 12th Forum in Solidarity with Cuba, August 18 and 19 focusing on the necessity for unity and regional integration in the face of imperialism, said sources with the event’s organizing committee.

Alcira Vaca, member of the committee said that some 250 delegates will work in six commissions, with one of them focusing on “Cuba and the anti-imperialist struggle; integration and the defense of peace,” PL news agency reported.

Other topics on the agenda of the forum, to take place in the city of Cordoba, are the struggle against the US economic blockade of Cuba, the response by solidarity movements to current anti-Cuba media campaigns and the demand for the release of the five anti-terrorist fighters held in the United States.

Participants will consider the results of the Cuban literacy program “Yes, I Can,” the free eye surgery program known as Miracle Operation, as well as the scholarships given to international students by the Havana-based Latin American School of Medicine.

The forum will also call the 3rd International Conference for a World Balance, to be held next year, in Havana. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).