Cuban 6th Party Congress Concludes

Cuban 6th Party Congress ConcludesHavana, Apr 19. -The 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) concludes Tuesday in this capital after three days of debates in which delegates focused on the updating of the country´s economic model.

Participants in the meeting which started on Saturday, April 16, discussed and approved the event´s Central Report, presented by the second secretary of the party, Raul Castro, at the opening session.

Delegates met in five commissions and plenary meetings to discuss the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Draft Party Program, approving them after further exchange and a mass consultation of the population.

The 6th PCC Congress instructed the government to set up a standing commission for the implementation and development of the guidelines, without damaging the functions of the state´s Central Administration agencies.

It also recommended that the Parliament, the government and corresponding agencies draw up and approve, according to the case, the necessary legal norms to create the legal and institutional basis to support the foreseen functional, structural and economic changes.

The delegates stated that the Central Report is essential to undertake future tasks, mainly in the economy, and is an objective assessment of this crucial time for the nation.

The first plenary meeting of the Central Committee will be held today, the members of which voted on Monday. Before the congress closes, the new Central Committee will elect its Political Bureau and Secretariat. (Prensa Latina)