Three Palestinians found dead after Israel released them

Rafah, July 9.- Israeli forces have killed three more Palestinians shortly after their release from a detention camp in the occupied territories.  The bodies were found handcuffed and without clothing on Sunday in the vicinity of the Karam Abu Salem (Kerem Shalom) crossing in southern Gaza.

The three were among several Palestinians detained on Saturday.

Abdel Hadi Ghabayen said he went searching for his nephew, Kamel Ghabayen, early Sunday morning.  “I found him left on the ground along with the other two martyrs.  They were nude, and their hands had plastic cuffs put on them by the Israeli army.”

Ghabayen said his nephew and the other two men were attacked by Israeli forces shortly after their release.  One man was missing a leg, and his body was “in pieces.”

When Ghabayen tried to recover the man’s dismembered leg, Israeli troops “started shooting at me, so I stopped,” he said.

He later collected the bodies and took them in his truck to Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis.

According to another released detainee, Israeli forces fired on them shortly after their release.

“We reached Karkar Street [in Gaza]. After 10 minutes of being there, we found a bomb thrown at the people with me.  Thank God I was at the front. The bomb hit six or seven people who were detained with us.  Thank God I am alive,” Mahmoud Abu Taha said.

Israeli forces recently killed more than a dozen Palestinian detainees, hours after releasing them from a detention center in the southern city of Rafah.

On June 6th, The New York Times published a report with accounts of torture at Israel’s Sde Teiman camp. Israeli guards used sexual violence and electric chairs to shock detainees and forced them to sit on hot, electrified metal rods.

At least three dozen Palestinians from Gaza detained at the Sde Teiman detention facility have died, the Times reported.  Some of the former Gaza abductees have said they were blindfolded, beaten and bitten by dogs during detention. (Taken from Radio Habana Cuba)