Boleto al Paraiso, a Daring Film in Cuban Screens

Boleto al Paraiso, a Daring Film in Cuban ScreensHavana, Mar 30. -Filmmaker Gerardo Chijona played in the Cuban screens a film that ventures into an unexplored subject in the island, HIV AIDS, based on true stories.

Inspired by the book Confesiones a un medico (Confessions to a physician), by specialist Jorge Rivas, who headed an Institute of care to these patients in the 1990s, the film had an excellent reception in 2010 at the Havana International Festival and recently in the Sundance festival founded by Robert Redford.

Its raw and touching story deals with five young people traveling from the countryside to Havana in search of a supposed paradise as illusory as dramatic in its grim reality.

With its official release in all Cuban movie theaters, the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) celebrated its 52 anniversary along with the inauguration of various civil works to preserve film heritage.

Chijona´s film has a great drawing power, among other reasons, because of its ability to penetrate into the subject, supported by a group of junior players, who with unusual authenticity, spirit and impetuous authenticity, gave life to their characters to turn them into true and likable human beings.

A staff of young people, with solid training and talent, are supported by established artists like Jorge Perugorria, Blanca Rosa Blanco, Alberto Pujol, Laura de la Uz and Paula Ali, among others. (Prensa Latina)