Greater Caribbean Countries Collaboration Needed to Fight Crime

Greater Caribbean Countries Collaboration Needed to Fight Crime Bridgetown, Feb 10. – The commissioner of the Barbadian Police, Darwin Dottin, pled for a bigger collaboration in the Caribbean to combat the drug traffic and transnational delinquency, because of the suspension of the British naval patrolling in the area.

For the official, the countries of the area now should join their forces and work in a narrower way to guarantee marine security, for the possible increase of the criminal activities when the military routines cease.

London announced the retirement of its naval squad recently for budgetary reasons, and it will only use it in cases of disaster.

Dottin alerted on the negative impacts of that measure in the fight against the smuggling of drugs, people and weapons, when remembering that in the last years the regional forces and the British Navy operated together in the detection and capture of criminal elements.

"Although we have high technology and more effective marine controls, the consequences will be enormous because the Caribbean is used as a bridge between the producing countries and consumers of illegal narcotics," sentenced the Barbadian commissioner.

The concern of Dottin also responds to the growing levels of violence and social insecurity in the Caribbean islands for the use of the region to the transfer of drugs, illegal aliens and all type of illicit goods.

Those crimes leave hundreds of dead and thousands of injured people every year..(Prensa Latina)