Ecuador,Cuba Foreign Ministers Issue Joint Statement

Ecuador,Cuba Foreign Ministers Issue Joint Statement Quito, Feb 2. – Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño and Cuba's Bruno Rodriguez issued a joint statement on Tuesday following the 2nd Meeting of the Political Consultation Mechanism, in which they agreed to strengthen bilateral relations.

Both ministers expressed satisfaction at their productive conversationm and the willingness of their foreign ministries to work jointly on issues of interest identified at different levels.

Rodriguez condemned the Sep. 30 coup attempt in Ecuador, and urged efforts to preserve the constitutional order, peace and the promotion of the peoples' rights with solidarity and cooperation.

Patiño reiterated his support for Cuba, reaffirmed his country's strong rejection to the US-imposed blockade on the island, and denounced the unjust sentences given to five Cuban antiterrorist fighters imprisoned in the United States, demanding their release.

Both foreign ministers reaffirmed their commitment to promoting Latin American and Caribbean integration as of a system of fair international relations, in strict accordance with states' right and sovereign equality.(Prensa Latina)