Venezuelan Socialists on Decisive Election Crusade

Venezuelan Socialists on Decisive Election CrusadeCaracas, Sep 4. – Venezuelan socialists are intensifying propaganda efforts as part of their election campaign, a decisive crusade to triumph in the September 26 congressional elections.

What is at stake on that date is the continuation of economic and social transformations that began more than a decade ago, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told thousands of citizens in Zulia state on Thursday.

The contest will not be easy at all, and "we can not underestimate the opposition," the likewise leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) insisted.

The fate of the country will be decided by the September 26 elections, given that both the PSUV and the opposition believe that the outcome will determine the deepening of transformations or the revocation of socially beneficial laws.

While the socialists are leading election polls, the PSUV leadership is calling for stepped-up contact with voters and not to be overconfident, because the PSUV must retain its two-thirds majority in Congress to legislate without obstacles. (Prensa Latina)