Raul Castro: Eliminating Waste Key to Economy

Raul Castro: Eliminating Waste Key to Economy Havana, Feb 1. – Cuban President Raul Castro said eliminating waste is a key factor for the economy, along with efficient, higher quality services.

During an expanded Jan. 28-29 Council of Ministers meeting, the statesman insisted on the urgent need to train leadership cadres, Granma newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Raul Castro called for maintaining "our feet and ears to the ground," alluding the need to listen to the people's opinions on decisions that are being implemented, because they are new and therefore require maximum attention.

The meeting's initial issue was the conception of the first development projects for local investment, which are still inadequate in their preparation, above those related to agriculture.

These programs are beginning to provide a response to 37th and 38th Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Draft Party Program, which is to receive final approval at the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party in mid April.

An assessment was also presented on the 2011 Economic's restructuring process at the state company level, an issue about which several ministers and presidents of provincial administrative councils reported, the Granma reported.

Another issue was the result of the reorganization of cargo transportation. In this area, despite some shortcomings, almost 40,000 tons of fuel was saved in 2010.

The Council of Ministers heard a report about crimes against state property, stressing the need to be more severe in the application of criminal and administrative sanctions.

The meeting also examined the investment process, concluding that the difficult economic situation does not contradict the development of investments.(Prensa Latina)