Alarcon Decries Double Standard of US Justice

Alarcon Decries Double Standard of US Justice Havana, Jan 22. – President of the Cuban Parliament Ricardo Alarcon described as a significant revelation that US Attorney Carolina Heck Millar refused to try international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, but she unfairly condemned five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters.

In the trial against Posada Carriles in El Paso, Texas, for lying, a Security Department official confessed to having requested Attorney Caroline Heck Miller to try Posada for his criminal activities, but she refused to do it.

This occurred in August 2005 as the Atlanta Appellate Court had decided to annul the Miami-based trial that condemned The Five anti-terrorist Cuban prisoners, who were charged precisely by Mrs. Heck Miller, said on Friday Alarcon.

He recalled that in its historical ruling, the court cited a long list of crimes committed by Posada and other terrorists that The Five were trying to prevent, and described the Miami-based trial as "a perfect storm" of prejudices and hostility against Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez.

Alarcon wondered what the opinion of the Atlanta judges would be as they learned that the attorney who requested the harshest sentences against The Five prevented Posada from being judged for his crimes.

He said that on the very January 18, 2011, Mrs. Heck Miller reappeared in Miami and requested a new deferral to respond to the habeas corpus filed in favour of Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo.

"Her concern is undertandable. The only purpose of the arbitrary and unfair accusation against The Five was to defend anti-Cuban terrorism, the favourite task of Miami-based attorneys, as we have witnessed once again in El Paso," he said.

Alarcon said that, incidentally, the representatives of the so-called "news" media were there, but, as always, they kept silent about the whole issue.(Prensa Latina)