Fidel Castro Greets Cuban Workers in Haiti

Fidel Castro Greets Cuban Workers in HaitiHavana, Dec 25. -Leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro sent regards to Cuban health workers who arrived on Friday to Haiti, where they will help fight cholera.

Deputy Health Minister Marcia Cobas conveyed Fidel Castroâ�Ös message expressing his certainty that they will fulfill their mission in the sister nation.

A total of 40 nurses, 17 physicians and three cooks arrived in Haiti today, according to National TV News program.

With this new group of members of the Henry Reeve contingent, Cuba is fulfilling its commitment to reinforce its presence in Haiti to fight cholera.

The brigade, made up of 1,295 members scattered countrywide, has treated more than 45,000 patients. (Prensa Latina)