Santa Cruz del Sur to prepare farmers on Suburban Agriculture

Santa Cruz del Sur to prepare farmers on Suburban AgricultureSanta Cruz del Sur, Dec 2. –A wide capacity building work on fundamental subjects to apply in the Suburban Agriculture is being developed in Santa Cruz del Sur in order to guarantee a solid work in this food program.

Subjects like the agroecology, soils, and the bean’s sowing are the first ones issued by the technicians, in order the farms responsible and the producers incorporated to the project to start the program with the novel crops ideas nowadays.

Some 169 farms are planning to join the agriculture system in the territory, located in several Popular Councils. Twenty nine farms have already initiated, and 13 out of them have a 50% advance.

The Suburban Agriculture in Santa Cruz del Sur constitutes one of the main economic fields to be developed, one of the ways that will allow guaranteeing the food increase for the people in the next five years.
 (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral / Radio Santa Cruz)