Cuban Women’s Duo DJ Launches New Electronic Music Album

Havana, Dec 25 .-The Cuban women’s duo of DJs, Pauza (Paula Fernandez and Zahira Sanchez), presented Monday their second album entitled IRE, an album positioning the Cuban electronic music on the international scene.


The phonogram, after its recent presentations at the Eyeife festival held in Cuba from December 12-16, was recognized by musicians from other countries such as Mexican DJ Tom & Collins, Spanish DJ LEY and American DJ Spooky.

The new production featured the star collaborations of Cuban artists Brenda Navarrete, Jorge Luis Lagarza, Yadira La Real, Telmary and Diego Hernandez.

‘IRE is a Yoruba concept, which means positive energy, agreeing with the universe and with the surrounding environment’, Fernandez and Sanchez explained.

‘The Yoruba culture has contributed a lot to the rhythmic-sound diversity of Cuban music, and it is precisely to this richness that we honor this material’, they said.

The album, to be available on all digital platforms in the first quarter of 2019, is a combo of scenes illustrating the Cuban sound landscape.