Low Enzyme Levels Linked to Alzheimer’s

Low Enzyme Levels Linked to Alzheimer'sLondon, Dec 1. -Low levels of a certain enzyme may be what cause the memory to deteriorate, researchers reported in the magazine Nature. The enzyme EphB2 is a master regulator of neural communication, essential for maintaining a good memory.
When the level of this molecule falls, difficulties with memory appear, according to findings by researchers of the Gladstone Institute for Neurological Diseases of San Francisco, who carried out an experiment with genetically altered mice.

They also found that beta amiloid proteins that lead to neural deterioration are capable of bonding to EphB2, blocking its production.

During experiments with animals, the scientists artificially increased and decreased the quantity of this enzyme in the brains of the mice.

With the reduction of the enzyme the scientists observed memory problems in mice similar to those causing Alzheimer's.

Later, animals with these effects were genetically altered to increase the levels of the enzyme.

Results were satisfactory when levels of EphB2 were increased reducing memory problems related to the accumulation of beta amiloid proteins.

Scientists not related to the study found the results interesting but are not sure that it would lead to new treatments for Alzheimer. (Prensa Latina)