Voluntary Blood Donations Plan achieved in Southern Camagüey

Voluntary Blood Donations Plan achieved in Southern CamagüeySanta Cruz del Sur, Nov 27. –Just a few days before November ends, Santa Cruz del Sur fulfils with the Voluntary Blood Donation’s Plan, which constitutes a work objective for the Health Direction and other organisms of the territory.

A total of 195 bags of the vital liquid was the contribution made by the citizens from Southern Camaguey, which represents the 102% of the fulfilment, and this made possible the Municipality acquire a Certificate proving it as the Best in the Province in this activity.

 And even though it is already done, the Health Sector readies seeing next month, where Health Days are going to be carried out in the city, and on December 3rd there is going to be a special Health Day marking the Latin American Medicine Day.

Likewise it has been announced that the voluntary donors of the territory are going to receive a prioritized attention, such as periodic checkups and stomatology visits on a differentiated way. Besides, they are working on a possible deliver of some resources with other organisms, among other initiatives. Rolando Canaura Sánchez / Radio Santa Cruz)