Described 30 Genes Associated with Girls Early Puberty

Described 30 Genes Associated with Girls Early PubertyWashington, Nov 25. -About 30 genes are linked to the onset of puberty in girls, stated a recent study after the analysis of nucleotide sequences in more than 100.000 women.

The research, published in the latest edition of the Nature Genetics journal, proves that these genes appear to play a key role during the time at which girls reach puverty, every time earlier, unlike what happened a a century.

Acording to scientists, it is not yet clear the reason why the premature arrival of adolescence, but there is evidence of this phenomenon and obesity.

In the new genomic analysis appeared some genes prevously identified which are associated with body fat metabolism and weight regulation, stated the authors, a team of scientists from the USA, Europe and Australia.

However, obesity or overweight in childhood is not the main cause of the phenomenon, researchers stated in their article. (Prensa Latina)