UNASUR Summit to Address Critical Issues

UNASUR Summit to Address Critical IssuesQuito, Nov 24. -The Union of South American Nations will hold a summit meeting Friday in Georgetown, Guyana, to review the main conflicts in Latin America.

During the meeting of the leaders of UNASURâ�Ös 12 South American countries, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa will hand over its pro tempore presidency to Guyana, and will present a report of the work carried out since August 10, 2009.

Prior to the meeting of heads of state and government of UNASUR, the councils of Delegates and of Foreign Ministers will hold preparatory meetings Nov. 24 and 25.

Ricardo Patiño, Ecuadorian minister of foreign affairs, trade and integration, said some of the issues to be addressed were the political crisis between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, the situation in Honduras, arbitration and the solution of conflicts in the region, and the creation of security mechanisms.

At the summit, the architectural plan of the blocâ�Ös headquarters, which will be located in Quito, will be made public.