Cuba: Colloquium for Independence Bicentennial

Cuba: Colloquium for Independence BicentennialHavana, Nov 23 .-Cuban poet and essayist Roberto Fernandez Retamar opened an international colloquium Monday in commemoration of the bicentennial of the independence struggle in Latin America and the Caribbean, with attendance by prominent figures from 12 countries.

The colloquium will be a space for reflection on "how independence has been lived in our peoples and its current challenges", as Cuban researcher Aurelio Alonso, head of Casa magazine, disclosed to the press.

Parallel to the debates and analysis, the exhibition entitled "Free Voices", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Mexican revolution and the bicentennial of the independence wars and comprising works by artists from 30 countries, will be inaugurated and the special edition of Casa magazine dedicated to this issue will also be presented. (Prensa Latina)